We welcome well behaved dogs; in fact we have 2 small ones of our own (Dave & George). There are some rules that apply. Please let us know what type of dog you are thinking of bringing as some rooms will not be suitable for larger dogs.


Before you travel:

  • Please bring a mat to put your dog's bowls on.
  • Please bring dog bowls.
  • Please bring a bed or blanket for your dog to sleep on.
  • Ensure your dog is free of ticks and fleas.
  • Confirm that your dogs is not aggressive to adults, children or other dogs.

Impawtant stuff for our furry friends and their humans:

  • At the beach, make sure you stay close to your human and do not eat anything (we've had palm oil washed up in the past).>
  • Don’t go near any seals, it frightens them and they may attack you. Stay out of the roped off areas on the beach.
  • Please ask your human to advise us if you don’t like other dogs or people as soon as possible.
  • Please respect other guests and make sure you are attached to your human by that thing when you are walking round the house, especially during breakfast times.
  • In the garden, please don’t toilet on the flower beds. Also, the garden is not a toilet area so we would kindly request that your human take you out for a walk and sniff.
  • Please do not go on the bedspreads, they are expensive and are easily damaged by your claws.
  • Please do not let your human go out without you (a few minutes is ok).
  • If you are well behaved, you are invited to join your humans for breakfast and intensely watch them eat (we can set up the conservatory for you if you don’t like company).
  • Please get your human to pick up your mess and take it to the black bin out front (we know you think it’s odd that they pick up your poop).
  • Please don’t let humans feed you from the breakfast buffet (i.e. croissants / cereals), it’s bad for you and also they haven’t paid for you to have breakfast. However, treats from their plate are fine.
  • Please keep your bowls on a mat or in the bathroom. If there is food missing from your bowl, you know Dave (our pug) has snuck in your room and gobbled some before we caught him - sorry! If any toys have moved, that will be George (our Lhasa / Pug) trying to steal them.