We welcome well behaved dogs; in fact we have 2 small ones of our own (Dave & George). There are some rules that apply. Please let us know what type of dog you are thinking of bringing as some rooms will not be suitable for larger dogs.


Before you travel:

  • Please bring a mat to put your dog's bowls on
  • Please bring dog bowls
  • Please bring a bed or blanket for your dog to sleep on
  • Ensure your dog is free of ticks and fleas
  • Confirm that your dogs is not aggressive to adults, children or other dogs

While you are here:

  • Do not let your dog sleep on the bedding or get onto the furniture
  • Do not let your dog run around the guest house
  • If your dog messes in the house, you will be charged for the cost of professional cleaning
  • If your dog damages any furniture, fixtures or fittings, you will be charged for replacements
  • There are many restaurants that allow dogs (please ask us if you are not sure which ones) so please do not leave dogs in your room unattended
  • Dogs are not allowed in the main dining room, however, we have a separate dining room for people with dogs that backs on to the garden
  • You will be expected to clear your dog mess from the garden
  • We do not cook breakfast or meals for dogs